Entry #3

A Friendly Warning

2009-12-24 02:20:15 by eastwood9

Beware of predators posing as house pets.


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2009-12-24 02:54:10

Shit son you live just north of me. Actually you are also 5 years older than me. Shit man you live just north of me.

BTW That's the perk of not having a house pet besides the hairballs, shedding, vomiting, smell, weird food, veterinary work, flea collars, walking, spraying, constant noise, destroyed furniture, constant need for attention, random scratches and bites, and the crap you have to pick up. You don't have to worry about predators either!

Shit dude, I live just south of you.

eastwood9 responds:

Aye, well. It is indeed a small, small world.
As for the house pets, yes. You're quite right.