A Friendly Warning

2009-12-24 02:20:15 by eastwood9

Beware of predators posing as house pets.

Poetry Minute!

2009-07-15 01:45:33 by eastwood9

In the fiery heat of anarchy,
Wouldn't you play yonder fiddle?
A sprinkle of melody
For my eclectic harmony?
It'd go a long ways in stimulating the appropriate mood for the circumstance.

One can't meet death with the wrong kind of music.

And after a brilliant flash of light! Darkness took all.
And I wondered to myself... Perhaps if I'd played the fiddle.

Slithering in the darkened shadows, those twisted demons..
They'd nibble at your ankles, but only in argyle.

Four Years

2009-03-10 02:38:07 by eastwood9

I really can't believe I made this account four years ago and haven't touched it since.
Hopefully that'll change.

I tried learning flash! ... Not so good.

So I figure I'll work on some audio.
Maybe I can offer some witty dialogue or some amusing voice acting.

I do accents!